Harbour Island, Eleuthera

Welcome to the home site of Eleuthera, and Harbour Island.

Harbour Island is a 3 mile cay off the northern coast of Eleuthera, and is noted for its friendly people, architecture, and one of th finest beaches in the world. It is sometimes called the "Nantucket of the Caribbean" because of the New England style clapboard houses. The world-famous "Three Mile Beach", or "Pink Sand Beach" attracts a very cosmopolitan crowd, as well as being the site of many model shoots. In fact, there was a recent Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shot there.

Browse through these pages to find the informations you desire. The site was designed for easy navigibility, as well as trying to give the appearance of being on an Eleuthera beach, with the aquamarine colors, and the pink hues. Not being there, but maybe the next best thing.

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