Harbour Island Shopping



The Blue Rooster

Blue Rooster, in the center (tel. 242/333-2240), along with the Shop at the Landings offers what might be the most upscale and stylish collection of men's and women's clothing and (casual) evening wear on the island.


Dilly Dally

Owner Val Albury. Val is a photographer born in Nassau who does many of the Island's weddings, and does framed photographs of the area. She also has a great collection of Bahamian music. At the center of town across from Island Real Estate.


The Landing Shop

The Shop at the Landing, at the Landing Resort (tel. 242/333-2707), usually wins as the most stylish clothing store on the island. It focuses on stylish and wearable sportswear and things you might wear to a casual island cocktail party, a posh brunch, or a buffet dinner aboard a yacht. Oh, you are so vain, you probably think this web site is about you.


Miss Mae's

Miss Mae's, Dunmore Street (tel. 242/333-2002), lives up to its billing. It's one of the island's finest clothing boutiques.


John Bull

John Bull now represents many of the world's most sought after brand name luxury goods. Product categories include watches, fine jewellery, leather goods, perfume, cosmetics, photographic equipment, writing instruments and cigars. John Bull boasts stores and boutiques throughout The Bahamas and has truly evolved to what most deem "the shopping mecca" of the Caribbean.

See their website      242-333-2950


Briland's Androsia

Briland's Androsia, King Street (tel. 242/333-2342) sells the best selection of bathing suits, with bright batik fabrics printed on the island of North Andros.


Jaqueline's Straw works

Large selection of straw works, on Bay Street




Briland Brushstrokes is a gallery owned by Harvey Roberts, Briland's politician-artist son. Many of Roberts' original acrylics and prints may be viewed and purchased in his office-art gallery. Artwork and sculptures by other local artists are also on display. Address: Bay St., Harbour Island, Bahamas
Phone: 242/333-2085


Princess Street Gallery

This gallery has some interesting artists. See the website to see examples of the works that are offered.