Harbour Island: Frequently Asked Questions

1) What documents do I need to gain entrance into the Bahamas?

Until Dec 31, 2006, you can enter with a birth certicate (original), or passport. AFter Dec 31st, 2006, a new law states that you MUST have a passport.

2) I notice there are three airports in Eleuthera. Which airport is the best to fly into if we are going to Harbour Island?

North Eleuthera Airport (call letters "ELH"). It is a two minute taxi ride from the airport, to Three Island, where you pick up a quick speedboat ride from there to Harbour Island (costs about five bucks). See the following maps to get a good picture of this:

Take a cab from the airport to Three Island, then hop on the very-frequent speedboat ferries. Ths takes you to Government Dock, which is in the middle of Dunsmore Town, the main city of Harbour Island.

3) Once we arrive at Government Dock, what is the best way to get to my hotel?

As you may know, the main source of transportaiion in Harbour Island is the golf cart. Your place of lodging may have already pre-arranged and have a golf cart waiting for you. If not, you can walk to the golf car rental agency, at the foot of the dock. Or you can call another agency from the following list:

No Limits 333-2087
Johnson's 333-2376
Sunshine 333-2509
Dunmore Rentals 333-2372
Ross Rentals 333-2122

4) One does not need to rent a car?

No. If you plan on going back to the mainland to do some exploring, you will. If so, here follows a list of possible car rental agents:

Jarrod Johnson - "White Lightning"...............242-333-2160
Michael Higgs - "Sea Jack2" .....................242-333-2466
Duke's - "Briland Queen".............. 242-333-2337
Jack Higgs - "Sea Jack 1"............ 242-333-2472
Dwight Stewart - "Commander One"............ 242-333-2159
Sean Major - "Lady M"................ 242-333-2043
Kenneth Stewart - "Keva"................. 242-333-2287
Uncle Sam's - "Uncle SAM"............... 242-333-2394
Paul Percentie - "Briland Sea Breeze"................ 242-333-2097

Car rentals run you about $50 a day for a sedan, $60 for a jeep.

5) What kind of currency can you use in the Bahamas

The Bahamian dollar is used. It's value is tied to the American dollar, and is equal in value. Everyone accepts American dollars, and there is no need to exchange into Bahamian dollars.

6) Are there any ATMs in Harbour Island?

Yes, inside the Royal Bank of Canada.

7) Can we use our credit cards in Harbour Island?

Yes, VISA and Mastercard. Not always Discover or AMEX. There is a surcharge for its use, which varies from place to place.

8) Can we drink the water

The water is safer than most places, and it is NOT a problem, but most people prefer to buy the bottled water, which is readily accessible all over the island.

9) How safe is it on the island?

Very, Very safe, but use common sense. Do NOT leave cash in the open, and use normal protective measures with your money, like anywhere else.

10) Can you rent horses on the island?

Yes, you can. Usually, there are located between Coral Sands Hotel, and Pink Sands on Three Mile Beach, or, to reserve, you can call Robert Davis at 242-333-2337.

11) What about renting boats, going fishing, going snorkelling, diving, etc.

See the appropriate pages on this web site. There are listings for all your activities questions.

12) Can I bring my pet?

In most cases, yes. See the rules about this at Bahamas Animal Import Requirements

13) What are the usual dining hours in Harbour Island?

Usually dinner is served at about 7 to 9 p.m. It is not like late hours that you see in Spain.

14) Where can I use the internet?

Sometimes your hotel will have internet, check with them first. If not, there are three public internet cafes; see the Internet page.

15) Where are the medical facilities on Harbour Island?

There is a clinic on the island; call 242-333-2227 for info

16) Can I get a citation for driving under the influence when driving a golf cart?

Geez, that is a good one; let me consult with a local attorney!

17) Can we get married on Harbour Island?

Yes, you can. To arrange such, contact Arthur of Arthurs Bakery: or contact Pink Sands to do a fancy one.

18) Can I pre-order groceries before arriving in Harbour Island?

Yes, you can order groceries from Johnson's Grocery prior to your arrival. 19) What cell phones work in Eleuthera?

Brian Fischer swears by Global Tel. You call an 800 #, hang up, they call back, you put in your acount #, and tel.# to call, and away you go. See Global Tel
For the web page on cellphones in Eleuthera, go HERE


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