Welcome to the home site of Eleuthera, and Harbour Island.

The island is noted for some of the best beaches in the Bahamas, and the world. Also, it is noted for its friendly people, and architecture. In addition, it is different from the other Out Islands in the Bahamas, because it is quite hilly. The topographical feature allows for houses to be built into the hills, and give great views. There is a booming vacation home rental business on the island, so that vacationers can have the convenience of comfortably spending their vacation, frequently on, or close to some of the best beaches you have ever seen in your life. Strangely enough, although it is only an hour from Florida, Eleuthera is not developed.

Browse these pages, and get to know the main island of Eleuthera, and Harbour Island, the famous cay off the north coast of the island.

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