Harbour Island Bars

Harbour Island, unlike the Eleuthera mainland, has nightlife. Of course, most restaurants have bars, but they close early, so this page is dedicated to stand-alone bars. And, if one does have too much to drink, you don't have to worry about driving, since you can walk everywhere!


A late-starting bar, regulars frequent here. Dirt floor on a cliff, inexpensive drinks, fine place to gather.


A hghly unusual place, with the strangest design, not to mention the owner is blessed with the unfortunate moniker of "Hitler"; there is a basketball court inside, where you are free to dunk after downing a few rum punches.


A non-descript block building, Seagrapes is a place for live music. Frequently, they host the Brilanders, Eleuthera Express, and bands from Nassau; usually starts up late about midnight.


A local spot


Another local spot, near Tingum Village; also has food. The hog's head? Got me. But every Hogs Head should have a home.

"I am just the monkey man, don't you wish you were a monkey, too?"