Harbour Island Beach

Sometimes called "Three Mile Beach" or "Pink Sand Beach", this gorgeous beach is world-famous. In fact, Forbes Magazine called it "...the most gorgeous beach in the world...". It is the main attraction of this small 3 mile long cay off North Eleuthera. Even though it is so well-known, it never even comes close to being crowded, because the beach is so long, and so wide. In addition, the entry to the water is pristine, and completely sandy, with no drop-offs. And the sand is hard-packed, making it great for jogging.

It is the site of many model shoots, and was lately featured in the annual "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" issue.

Go to this link to see the Harbour Island Beach Houses that line the beach....

Harbour Island, in July 2005, was voted by Travel and Leisure Magazaine as the best "Island in the Caribbean"

Harbour Island is a small cay off the east coast of North Eleuthera; Dunmore Town is the main city of this small island.

From this Google Satellite Map, we can see how almost the entire east side of Harbour Island is beach; "Three Mile Beach". Also, one can see the relation of NOrth Eleuthera Airport to Harbour Island, and the route that you must take with the Boat Taxi.