Herein follows a collection of good websites that have something to do with Eleuthera. If you know of any other good websites that have someting to do with Eleuthera, please contact us.
Bahamas Adventures: Website for Touring Eleuthera; surinf, kayaks, etc.

Club Med Pictures from the late 1980's

Old Club Med Photos: 1987
Website for Diving Ecology School located near Governors Airport
Spiritual Retreats to Eleuthera and to Nassau with Dolphins
Good, simple web site of wonderfulhouse in Harbour Island
Good website for Eleuthera beaches
Island School in Cape Eleuthera
Surfing in Eleuthera with great pictures and excellent videos; these boys have video talent
Fishing Trip to Eleuthera

Bonefishing in Eleuthera tours

Article about Eleuthera in Denver Post, June 12, 2005

Conch Sally's markets of Eleuthera

World's Most Luxurious Beaches: Forbes Magazine: Pink Sand Beach in Harbour Island
Harbour Island Marina

Harbour Island Guide

Linda's Great Pictures of Spanish Wells

Scottish Drug Baron Hiding Out in Eleuthera

website of study of waters around Eleuthera by Island School

website of magazine with good article about Eleuthera

Great article about Eleuthera
Rock Sound, Eleuthera Authors: Vangerry

Students giving swimming lessons in Deep Creek

Skybeach Club

Sports Illustrated SWimsuit Issue 2006

New York Times article in 2004 of Harbour Island

New York Times article in Feb 2006
Development of Starwood at Cotton Bay, Eleuthera

Great simple website of vacation rental in Harbour Island

Article about Eleuthera in Denver Post, June 12, 2005

Article about Club Med Beach in USA Today

Bahama Louie, a Nature Website for the Bahamas

Twin Coves: Vacation Rental formerly owned by Premier of Bahamas

Brian Antoni's Story on CONCH
Website of a Grocery Store in Harbour Island

Old Club Med Photos: 1987

Solar Energy in Cape Eleuthera

Caving in Eleuthera
Cupid Cay Blog: Renovating a Historical Building: Don't Stop the Carnival!

Bahamian Bush Medicine

Harbour Island rated "Best Island in Caribbean" by Travel/Leisure Magazine"

Press Release of Unveiling of ""

House demand Increases in Eleuthera

"Survival Island"
Movie originally called "Three"; filmed in Twin Coves area of the island, starring Billy Zane, and the backside of Kelly Brock

Website for Spanish Wells

Overall Plans of French Leave Resort (July 2006)

Eleuthera Euphoria

Boston Globe Oct 2006 Article

Kayla Davis on Harbour Island, Briland Wedding Planners,