"Having knowledge of technology and access to technology is becoming as fundamental as literacy" (Bill Gates, Miami Beach, Florida 2001)

Internet Connections in Eleuthera


The newest kid on the block is Debra Vinelli's "Water's Edge Cybercafe", in Hatchet Bay. Here's the relevant info:

· Internet Service
· Fax & Copy Service
· Phone Service
· ATM (Visa/MC logo)
· Computer Sales
· Cameras
· Computer Parts & Accessories
· Satellite Television Sales and Service
· Satellite Internet Sales and Service
· Digital Image Processing and Printing
· CD’s, DVD Sales, Rentals & Burns
· Web Design Services
· Food and Beverages (Breakfast, Lunch,SMOOTHIES ..& more)
· Space Rental
Open daily: 9am-6pm or til…. Monday - Friday
Saturday – 9am til 2pm
Located in Hatchet Bay, Julius Street, 2 storey Pink Building, by The Sea!
email: watersedgecafe@hotmail.com

Website: watersedgecafe.html



The Haynes Public Library in Governor's Harbour now has both wireless and Cable Internet! But Roz was prudent enough to realize that wireless and cable may have problems, so she kept the dial up connections, so you rarely be left with an internet connection, in the wireless and cable go funky.

Haynes library has new Dell computers with printing capabilities, CD and floppy disk drives and USB ports, which were installed early in 2005. However if you have a laptop with wireless card, you can use WiFi Hotspot. Wireless signal is available at most places throughout the library.

Priority is given to students after 3 p.m. on weekdays. Students have free access to the computers for school work. Eight computers have been networked on the second floor of the Haynes Library in Governor's Harbor. (see Photos) There is usually a computer available to rent, if you want to check your email. Rates are $5/half-hour, $9/hour, or the best deal, $25 for a month of unlimited activity! for info, email Ros, the head librarian....



There is now public internet access in South Palmetto Point...prices are the same as the Haynes Public Library...go to the end of the road past Mate and Jenny's towards the Caribbean, almost to the dock, and it is in the old pink Palmetto Point Clinic building on the right, across from the convenience store.....



There is now public access to computers at the "Eleuthera Stationery Store" in the middle of Rock Sound. Michell Bibson-Leary has set the computers up; charges are: $4 for access, and $.25 per minute. For info, contact her.

A combination museum, computer center is currently being established in Rock Sound, with help from Peter from England, and the Bahamas Government. For info, see The Mission Project



Internet access in Harbour Island can be had at Island Web, on the bay side, as well as the Red Apple Inn....in addition, you can access the internet at Arthur's Bakery. Hours are normally 8 a.m., to 2.p.m., but you can make arrangements to use after those hours. Price is $10 for 15 minutes access.