Frequently Asked Questions

1) What identification do I need to enter the Bahamas?

You need either a) a passport, or b) Driver License and Birth Certificate (with original seal). But be advised, beginning in Dec 31st, 2006, you will need a passport to enter the Bahamas.

2) Do I need to rent a car, if I am going to Harbour Island?

No. Not unless you want to dour the rest of the island. When you arrive at North Eleuthera Airport, you can take about a 5 dollar cab ride to the docks, and take a 5 dollar water taxi to the middle of Dunsmore Town. Once there, you can either rent a golf cart there, or from Johnson's on Princess Street. Or your hotel may have one for you, so check with them before renting one.

3) Is there any kind of food I need to bring?

You do not have to, you can pretty well get most things in Governor's Harbor that you can in the States. But, you are allowed to bring a cooler of frozen meat, including frozen steaks, roasts, hamburger, and breakfast meats. For the list of markets, see #20.

4) Can one rent diving equipment, boats, or fishing equipment in Eleuthera??

Yes, check the Fishing, Diving and Boating pages on the menu for Harbour Island.

5) ) Do I have to wear a bathing suit at the beaches in Harbour Island?

In the Bahamas, they call this "Going Cowboy". Many go topless, but complete in the buff should be reserved for deserted beaches in the mainland of Eleuthera. See the Beaches of Eleuthera page to pick a good one. Yippee kay yay!! (for proof, see photo), !

6) Do stores/restaurants accept credit cards?

Most places take credit cards

7) Are there any banks in Harbour Island?

Yes, there are two banks in Harbour Island, Scotia Bank, and Royal Bank of Canada.

8) Can I use American dollars on the island?

Yes, everybody accepts American dollars.

9) Is the water too rough on the Pink Sand Beach for kids to swim?

Generally no, there is are reefs offshore that keep it relatively calm, but there are some days where it can get rough, so use you own judgment, according to the conditions of wind, etc.

10) Can I make long distance calls from Harbour Island using my long distance card?

Yes, you should bring your ATT, MCI, or Sprint Long Distance card. Find out from that company what the access number is from the Bahamas, and you can use this access number from the house to make your long distance calls.

11) Can I check my email?

Yes, go to to the Internet page to see the closest Cybercafe near you. There are three on the island, and your hotel may have a computer on line, too. The phone is 242-332-2877.

12) Is there an ATM in Harbour Island?

Yes, at the Royal Bank of Canada.

13) Are pets allowed, and if so, what are the requirements for entry into the Bahamas?

Yes, pets are allowed, and it does not seem to be a problem. There is not quarantine in the Bahamas.

Call The Department of Agriculture (Tel: (242) 325-7502/9; Fax: (242) 325-3960); they will fax the applicati0on for the animal import permit. They will also fax the permit BUT you must send them the application with a check then they will fax the permit and the health certificate form for the vet. DO NOT under any circumstances mail the application. FedEx, because the Bahamian mail system is sometimes slow. Fedex yours along with a return fedex so we get the original permit. You should also carry the dog's vaccination certification as well. Bahamian customs asks for it once in a while as does US customs on return. It's no hassle at all.

14) What cell phones work in Eleuthera?

Brian Fischer swears by Global Tel. You call an 800 #, hang up, they call back, you put in your acount #, and tel.# to call, and away you go. See Global Tel

For the web page on cellphones in Eleuthera, go HERE