(Kristel is an Eleuthera-lover from way back: email here)

1. Elvina's is great on Tuesday evenings and Friday nights.

2. Governor's fish fry is super on Friday evenings

3. James Cistern - Friday or Saturday afternoon - Stubbs barbequeu - right across from the water in Brenda and Billy Stubbs' side yard.

4. Tippy's for atmosphere (the food is fancier than most, a bit pricey (but not as much as Rainbow Inn or CocodiMamas) and very good)

5. Try lunch at Pammy's or Lucky You in Governor's.

6. Be in Tarpum Bay around 3pm to watch the fishermen fillet their catch

7. Get out and walk the cliffs around Glass Window Bridge

8. If you can find it, see the Queen's Baths (just south of Glass Window Bridge, Atlantic side - only usable at low tide).

9. Surfer's beach - be prepared to walk to get there - road is BAD!!!

10. Friday night at the bar in Bluff (owner is Christine) - The bar is by the lazy tree and doesn't have a name - right in the center of the settlement. On Fridays they have a live band and fish fry.

11. Briland... so much to do and see... be there for an evening... go to whichever local bar is hopping... Gustys, Vicums, Seagrapes, Berettas... but make sure you go into Vicums to see their open air dance floor with greek columns and the world's largest coconut! Have a drink at the really local bar JJs or go a little more touristy and go to Charlie's. Check to see if the Brilanders are playing at Seagrapes or if the Courage Band is back from their tour and playing. Rent a golf cart so you can drive the island and discover the incredible pink sand beaches. Walk thru Rock House (and maybe have a fancy drink) so that you can see their wonderful decor. Have a conch burger at the little shack on the left as you go off the government dock. Find the intersection that has all the signs and license plates (if you take a picture leave some change). Keep your eyes open for celebs! I've been there with Elle McPhearson, Geraldo Rivera, Lenny Kravitz, Mic Jagger...

12. Lighthouse Beach is fabulous, but hard to get to. The road is horrendous - took me a half hour to go 3 miles.

13. Wade out into Savannah Sound and see the snail trails in the sand (lock your car here - I've had money stolen from my purse while wading).

Here's another suggestion for sightseeing... contact George Major ( to see if he'd be interested in leading you on a sightseeing tour. He's gotten me to Lighthouse Beach and to the ruins of an old church out in the bush. He's taken me to some wonderful beaches off the beaten path and he knows all the great places to eat. He knows all the history and politics of the island and is a delight to be around.

Boy... I could go on and on... but just enjoy... Remember, it's safe to pick up hitch hikers, it is the primary mode of transportation for many on the island... and you can get more info from them on great places to go.