Kayak Rentals in Eleuthera


Rodney Pinder of Palmetto Point is offering to rent kayaks to visitors from Eleuthera in any part of the island. He will both deliver the kayak, and pick it up. Expand your horizons in Eleuthera; you can paddle to the nearby Bottle Cay regions, around Governors Harbour, around the Gut Islands in North Palmetto Point; and even fish off the kaykas anywhere.. His contact

CELL: 242-470-4394 and HOME 242-332-1891

or you can email Rodney

The armada of kayaks includes the revolutionary "Clear Hawaiian Kayak", where you can paddle around and see the underlying sealife, without gettting wet!

This kayak is perfect for the gin-clear waters of Eleuthera, because they are constructed of bullett-proof glass, and allow the kayaker to view the underlying sea floor and sea life.

Also available to rent is Royak Fishing Kayak, which includes a bay to put the fish, and a pole holder on the side, to allow the kayaker to troll while paddling.


Clear Blue Hawaiian: If we deliver and pickup, the minimum rental is three days; if you pick up the kayaks, a half day Clear Hawaiian Kayak: $65 whole day $100 week $500 Month: TBA

Royak Fishing Kayak: half day $50 whole day $90 week $350

Regular Kayak: half day $40 Day: $70 Week $250