This famous bridge links North Eleuthera to the mainland of Eleuthera. It is notable because on can see the dark Atlantic meeting the aquamarine Caribbean at the thinnest part of the island.

Glass Window Bridge, originally the site of an extraordinary natural arch linking the Exuma Sound to the Atlantic, is one of the most impressive sights on Eleuthera.

Here's a map of the area; the "Glass Window Bridge" connects North Eleuthera, with the mainland of Central Eleuthera. It takes the brunt of hurricanes, and stormsm and has been repeatedly damaged

Below is a Google Satellite Map which shows the Glass Window bridge from above; not the differnece in color of the deep Atlantic, and the shallow, tranquil Caribbean sides.

Winslow Homer painted this area in 1885, and called the painting "Glass Window". While man's relationship to nature always held a fascination for Homer, it was the awesome power of the sea that dominated his canvases. It was probably this fascination that attracted him to the "Glass Window", where the turbulent Atlantic, meets the serene Caribbean. Incidentally, to see Winslow Homer's beautiful paintings during his Bahamas period, click here

See an actual picture taken in 2005, during one of the storms; you can see why this bridge is frequently damaged by storms.

Photos showing the two sides from the road heading north

Glass Window area from air; see Whale Point and Harbour Island in background