George Major of Tarpum Bay: Books and Poems

George is a native of Tarpum Bay, who has published abouth four books, which are shown on the sides of this page.

Kalik and Conch Salad

Blood on the Empire

Turtle Soup Theory

I saw Glass Window bridge tonight

I saw Glass Window bridge tonight
In light that made it shine so bright
And taught me think now of its plight
That to the island bring so light
The future looming and it might
Be the petition aimed with delight
That I might see this all contrite
And cash in all my dreams of my life
To the structure of the bridge

Gone are the days to sit and stare
Now are the time to grit and bare
My duty now is forever care
Its citizenry are right

Them to esteem to be the best
And win at every life’s contest
To see the islands high progress
Yet bare its charm to be

Not time for waste and avarice and greed
Not time for waiting, now proceed
The future of the common breed
To do the island right

I wish that I in government sit
Break out the nails and bring the wit
Without delay stand up not sit
To make the island tight

We’ll do it now how best proclaim
The lofty ambitions ring
Those who remain should get the gleam
That’s in the islands sight

Break out the blocks
Stir up the noise
Employ these sleepy island boys
And bring the girls that they prefer
To work besides the crew

So much the need
So few to see
One day incessant jubilee
Capitalism democracy that sets us free
The cool, the island nights

Still up the game and clean the shore
Break out the pews along the door
And wrestle with the islands pure
To set the island free

If I did die with much to do
And give and give how much did knew
That I proclaim the island new
So much would seem so bright

I’ve wrestled with it long enough
And so I pass this gifted cup
And hope the times that I erupt
Should set the island free

I’ve seen so much and turned the page
I’m set for sure the island rage
Dramatic poses set up the stage
And make the island free

Free of debris unwanted games
Curruption, subversives that make us shame
Make pure the notion we proclaim
And share the duty to us all

Schools, hospitals, universities set people free
Teach them to be who they wish to be
And give islanders their just degree
To make their lives complete

Live happy today don’t wait on heaven
Drink happy wine and lift the leaven
Sing songs of love o happy heaven
That set the people free

Economies that saw demise
Can give the people a new rise
The dignity that makes them strive
Independently as we

I’ve given much and given all
In this I had the greatest ball
One million spent before I stalled
Now tears of jubilee

Finally I got my just rewards
Eternity without the sword
Reminiscence now about the ward
That mental effigy

Now if I die before engaged
Until I set the final page
I know the depths it took and gave
And have a remedy

Take back the land from those who stole
And wrecked the flag upon its pole
That ended with the nations whole
The revolutions reversal of roles I see

Whose tyranny and greedy hands
Are washed with our outstretched hands
As we make our last demands
Turn now and set us free

Free from prejudice foolish desires
Murder sets our capitals on fire
Tyrants your time now to retire
Fore new revolutions come to be

Two Moments the Same

I saw a chocolate rose today
I know what she was doing
The grimace in her face today
Indicated she was pursuing

Admiring her physique I say
The grimace everlasting
She peeked my interest in a way
To see what she was ensuing

A feeling I have known that way
A fleeting feeling of youth I say
My interest was accruing
I thought a last I knew this way

Of noting milestones in a day
And knowing why she was that way
Was all but ever telling
How aged people have their way

With misery and youth they say
The aged persons are that way
With youth they are rebelling
This tale denotes it’s telling
Of a young chocolate rose
On a social bench by the sea

My Chocolate Rose

I saw a chocolate rose today
As she sat on a social bench
Near the sea
I saw the youthful girl grimace,
Her confidence in herself
I too have felt those
Fleeting feelings of youth
That make our lives complete
Milestones and shivers
Quickly, sweet and flighty
As life moves on
And we notice those around us
Malcontent and miserable with age
Life is fleeting and full of nerves
Remarkable and exciting in youth
As with my chocolate rose
Those brief fleeting moments go by
And leaves us searching for the sea

Cornerstone of paradise

The Bahamas gave its best for me
When our heritage set us free
And like the great democracy did long to be
As equal as mankind
I say it best, as best I know
Forefathers gave and yet I grow
For in this knowledge came
To know it better to be free
And yet we struggle with this cause
But must not seem to set it lost
That it’s a final and just a cause
To be true and free
Like God did give his son to die
The greatest story of mankind
I hold it high that I did try
To set my country free
I live this life with hallowed
Edge and long to see the day I wed
My daughters and my sons be led
To see equality be free
I give now in the gilded age
Excited now to turn the page
And won’t it be like just the rage
That heavens just like we
For in this fight we lost a man
A life to whom God to us gave
That in his time he too was brave
To set the captives free
And in his life he penned the cause
That ne’er would see his brothers lost
And sisters left to count the cost
Of our beauty and our free
And now with eternity in mind
Our goodness now to all mankind
We welcome all into our bind
And we does set them free
Free to be happy, light and gay
Free in every justful way,
freedom now we light the way
The Bahamas land of the free


From the local Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera author, George Major's work; from Reviewer: Donna K (Lititz, Pa, USA)
"I have traveled to Eleuthera twice. Reading George's book was like traveling back to the island. He has been able to combine a fine story of romance with wonderful descriptions of all the beautiful places in Eleuthera. The book also contains several poetic essays on the island, and island life. My particular favorite was "Everything is Poetry, They Say" which is a beautiful description of the floral colors of Eleuthera and the Bahamas. If you have ever been to Eleuthera or any of the Out Islands, or are considering a trip, I would recommend the book. And if you have never considered travel there, reading his book may make you decide to go!" . (George, by the way, also has a pizzeria/internet cafe in Tarpum Bay