Eleuthera Fishing Charters/Guides

Over 100 miles long, Eleuthera, one of the Bahamas' Out Islands, barely exceeds two miles in width. Firm white-sand flats and shallow water ring the island, perfect for hooking the elusive bonefish. On a clear day, you can wade knee-deep in the water and spot the shimmering scales of the darting bone. The challenge is getting one of these suckers to take your bait. A little patience, a graceful cast just beyond the reach of the school, and a bonefish just might take that fly and run off some 75 yards of line in a couple of seconds. You'll get the feverish feel of what it's like to be connected to a remarkably fast and furious fish

"BahamasBones" offers fly fishermen some of the best flats fishing in the world in Eleuthera. Bonefishing vacations packages are available through bahamabones.com, that make Bahamas bone fishing affordably priced. We are offering special discounted rates during May-November, for stays at many of the finest resorts and vacation rentals in one of the worlds most outstanding bone fishing destinations.s See website for more info

Deep Sea and Trolling with trips to the Schooner Cays




January: wahoo, kingfish and grouper

February: wahoo and kingfish

March: wahoo, kingfish, dolphin, tuna and blue marlin

April: dolphin, white and blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna and bonefish

May: dolphin, white and blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, bonefish

June: dolphin, white and blue marlin, sailfish, wahoo, tuna and bonefish

July: dolphin white and blue marlin, tuna and bonefish

August: bonefish, tuna and blue marlin

September: bonefish and tuna

October: wahoo, kingfish and bonefish

November: wahoo and kingfish

December: wahoo, kingfish and grouper