Doc and Mrs. Fig from Pennsylvania: Dec 2004

Thanks to Kimberly, who posted the TimesТ announcement of the УFirst Bahamian Christmas in New YorkФ back in October. My husband and I made a special trek from PA and must say it was well worth it! Besides the glory of the venue and the holy magnificence of St BartholomewТs Church, the audience, music and evening were FABULOUS! And we are glad to report the church was packedЕwith dignitaries and plain folk alike; many Bahamian visitors, islanders now living in the States, other Уwant-a-beeФ Bahamians like us, and several business & tourism representatives. After beginning with an appropriate Advent hymn, O come O Come Emmanuel, there was a Bible reading by the elegant UN Ambassador from The Bahamas, Dr Paulette Bethel. The music program was a wonderful combination of piano and drum. Coupled with a varied program of interpretations of traditional carols as well as native ballads and witty poems, we felt properly Сstirred upТ for the Christmas season. There were so many highlights, what do we share!? Soprano JoAnn Deveaux-Callender demonstrated the range of her vocal talent, especially in the traditional СBrown Girl in da RingТ. Our favorites were the recitations presented by Ambrose Morris. They included СChristmas EveТ- the reminiscences of Christmas from a Bahamian childТs viewpoint- and СHow Do I Know itТs WinterТ which presented the counterpoint to the wintry portrayal of Christmas celebrations when you live Уwhere itТs June all year round!Ф And there was the enjoyable УConch ainТt Got No BoneФ (but sadly, no yummy fritters or salads samples)! At the conclusion, the evening became even more jubilant when Rev Charles Simmons, Assoc Rector, donned a Bahamian knitted cap and set to some impromptu drumminТ. Must say he was an equal match on the goatskin to Neil Mark Symonette Attached are photos taken after the Junkanoo promenade given by У Miss Teenage BahamasФ, a pageant title won stateside by this lovely high school miss. We regret we have misplaced her name, but her colorful attire and traditional dance up and down the aisles set cowbells (distributed to all attendees) a-ringinТ and happy feet a- bouncinТ throughout the Cloister. Lastly, we share a Holiday shot as we stepped outside into the lights and holidays decorations of midtown Manhattan. The island inspiration continues up North. Our best Christmas giftsЕthree cds of Island Christmas music. While УBahamians go crazy & they love their junkanooФЕ we do also! Sincerest New Year regards from devotees back on the PA farm!

Doc & Mrs Fig