Caving in Eleuthera

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One of the largest system of caves in the Caribbean, Hatchet Bay Caves are hidden in the wide open space between James Cistern and Hatchet Bay. They give the appearance of a "vaulted cathedral. It is more than a mile long with stalagmites and stalactites the gleam in the tourchlight" (Source: It is said that these caves gave shelter to hiding pirates and bucanneers of the Caribbean, in their days.

As you can see from the following picture, it looks like a normal field.

But down below, it is much different story.

It is advised that you go with someone experienced, so you can make it back to enjoy the beaches!

For info about Caving in Eleuthera, call Calvin Monroe #1-242-464-0962


This cave is important in the history of Eleuthera. When the Eleuthera Adventurers first arrived in North Eleuthera in the 1700's from Bermuda, it is here where they found shelter, and held religious services. They had shipwrecked on the infamous reefs between Spanish Wells and Harbour Island, aptly called "The Devil's Backbone". But they were able to make it to land, and into the Preacher's Cave.

The cave is close to a fine beach called "Tay Bay Beach", so you should consider making it a day trip, with lunch, etc.

Entrance to Hatchet Bay caves

WEBSITE about Eleuthera Caves; check it out! More caves are described, including Goat Cave.