We mean ANY good web sites that have anything to do with the Bahamas, be it for hotels, vacation homes, or anything else. Please email us if you find a good one!
A great website, with good videos and good navigation; the granddaddy of all Bahamas websites. See the virtual tours
Good Site to go to for all sorts of information about the Bahamas
A cool flash site, with tours of the fantastic aquarium there; can send postcards, etc.
Online Telephone Directory of Batelco

Bahamas Beach Videos
Beautiful Videos of various beaches in the Abacos and Eleuthera. What a job!!
Ordering batik an native stuff from the Bahamas
Bahamas Business Portal: best, most comprehensive, ambitious website of the Bahamas; has everything
Official Website of the Government of the Bahamas
Good site for all kind of Bahamas Links
Website for Bahamas Artists; can send ecards
Bahamas Artist's Gift Shop with Shopping Cart
Russian Artist with good web set in Nassau
Award-winning website of Eco-resort in Andros, Tiamo Resorts; see the interesting "Arrival" page!!
Spiritual Retreats to Eleuthera and to Nassau with Dolphins


Tank Room
Reef Tank
Shark Tank
Great article about the REAL Politics of the Bahamas

Bahamas Diving Association
GREAT WEBSITE!! About more than diving!! Looks like the same designers that brought us

Video of Powerboat Ride in Nassau
Building of the Bahamas Fiberoptic Network in the Bahamas
Identifications of Lots of Seashell

Ongoing Events on the Islands

Bahamas Fragments: Bits and Pieces of Bahamas History Bahamas Newsgroups

Bahamas Law

Bahamas News On-Line

Junkanoo Music

Owning Property in the Bahamas

Brian Antoni's Story on CONCH
State of the art Real Estate Website

$500 Million Dollar Project Planned for Royal Island, Eleuthera

Interesting Interview with Sir Sean Connery, now resident of Nassau

Shark Diver in Bolivia and the Bahamas

Short Version Of Bahamas History

Design, Management Firm for

Wind and Solar Energy: BEC works with Island School of Cape Eleuthera

Tranlation Machine for Tranlating into "Bahamese"

NY Times Article about Eleuthera 1998

Scuba Diving in Andros and the Exumas

Clark Howard's Promo of

Pictures of Bahamas Tourist Attractions

Interesting Website about Rum Cay

Rum Cay Development: Wow!

Whiskey named "Eleuthera"

Bahamas B2B Web Site Design Portfolio

Great Site for Turks and Caicos

Nothing to Do with Bahamas: Funny Bed Trick Video from Germany

Casinos Proposed for Out Island

Rum Cay Resort

Quilt-Making in Spanish Wells, and Fishing in Harbour Island

Good Bahamas Music Website

Latest News on French Leave, Eleuthera

Catamaran Charters in Hopetown, Abacos

Bahamian Economy, according to Perry Christy, a "Caribbean Tiger"

Grocery warehouse for Grand Bahama

Great Bahamian Music Website

Wi-Fi at the Wyndam in Nassau

Story of the filming of "Pirates of the Caribbean" in the Bahamas

Increase in Airlines to Out Islands in 2006

The Inaguas Website

Ocean Club in Paradise Island
Wanna see where Salma Hayek, Pierce Brosnan and Woody stayed during the filming of After the Sunset?

Houseboat Rentals in the Exumas

Versailles der Mer: excellent website of resort in West End of Grand Bahama

British Influence in the Bahamas

Leo: Bahamas Artist from Freeport

Developments in the Bahamas

Bob Marley's Connection to the Bahamas

Lighthouse Point Eleuthera Development

Swim to Enpower in Deep Creek, Eleuthera

Seashell wedding Services
Leading Bahamas Wedding Services; even does the Out Islands

Another article about Rum Cay Development: Largest Marina in the Bahamas

Bahamas: Island Paradise

Great website about Kiteboarding sailing in the Bahamas

Article on Andros
Weekly rundown of news events across the Bahamas