Bahamian Diet for What Ails You

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1) Paw Paw Milk used for getting rid of worms, usually given with a dash of sugar on a spoon.

2) Cancer Bush usually used by women because it heals the "insides" especially after having a baby.

3) Blue Flowers used to bring up the cold of the chest. Pepper Leaf is very good for boils.

4) Milk from Fig Trees used to slow the heartbeat and calm the nerves.

5) Sour Sop Leaf calms the nerves.

6) Crab Bush used for stomach pains.

7) Hibiscus causes diarrhea and can be used to lose weight.

8) White Sage used for itches on the skin.

9) Sailors' Flowers are used for high blood pressure.

10) Castor Oil Leaf is used for menstrual trouble.

11) Pond Bush is used for arthritis.

12) Fever Grass is used for the flu.

13) Bonavas is good for ring worms.

14) Earth Remover is a mixture of bushes that causes women to become fertile; also brings down high blood pressure and cures ulcers.