The Abacos: A Boater's Paradise

Renting a boat when visiting the Abacos: It's a must. The Abaconian waters are the appeal to this part of the world. You'll want to explore the beauty of uninhabited island beaches for some frolicking fun, fishing, picnicking, snorkeling, beach combing etc. etc. Then there are the out island watering holes. When I fly over for a week oIf economics prevent this, rent a boat for at least part of the time or what you can afford. You wont regret it - weather permitting of course. And stay in the Abaco Sound side - don't go into the ocean. If you plan inter island hopping between the major cays, Green Turtle, Great Guana, Man-O-War , Elbow and Marsh Harbour, then a boat of upwards of 22' plus some boating and navigation experience will be necessary. Otherwise, staying close to home in a 15-17 footer would do nicely.r two, I wont go unless a boat is available. .....

Nippers: Amazing Beach Bar!

Located on Great Guana Cay, the largest of the cays in the chain of islands off the shore of Great Abaco, Bahamas. Nippers Beach Bar & Grill is one of the most famous all-ages hot spots in all of the Abacos.

You may have read about Nippers in travel magazines, seen photos on calendars, or perhaps even seen a documentary on the Discovery Channel -- but you'll never read about Nippers in any travel brochure. Why? Simply, because this particular piece of paradise can't be adequately described in any number of words or photographs. You simply have to experience it for yourself.

Perched high upon a forty-foot dune, Nippers overlooks the Great Abaco Barrier Reef. Large, branching formations of Elkhorn Coral with medium to large Brain and Star Coral tumble down the inside of the world's third largest barrier reef. Beach entry is only a few stair steps away, allowing snorkelers and scuba divers some of the very best access in all of the Abacos to this well-developed reef system that starts less than fifty feet from shore, and rises from a depth of about forty feet to within inches of the surface. For more info, go to their great website........


Imagine relaxing on a sailboat, sunshine on your face, warm tropical breezes caressing your skin, as you glide across the sea powered by the wind....escape the everyday world and slip into another....Abaco Sailing Adventures will take you there!

Step aboard the 33. Morgan Out-Island and treat yourself to a relaxing and invigorating sail on the Sea of Abaco, one of the most beautiful cruising areas in the world! They will sail around the nearby cays, taking in the fresh sea air, gorgeous coloured waters and island scenery.